Self-sanitizing Door Handles
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Our Story

In 2015, two youngsters, WONG, Sum Ming (left) and LI, Kin Pong (right) invented a selfsanitizing door handle with photocatalytic coating and backlight technologies. This innovation has successfully drawn attention from companies and investors worldwide.

Our Mission

Titanology Limited was found by the pair in 2017 with the mission of bringing these technologies to a wide range of daily-life applications and striving for a higher standard of living.

Our Technology

Photocatalytic is one of the most advanced materials in this century. Photocatalytic technologies contain a wide-range and daily-life applications.



Self-sanitising Door Handle

We provide three product packages with different power supply visions including the AC power supply system, generator and DC battery set system. Clients can choose any visions for different door needs.

Other Self-sanitising Products

Photocatalytic is one of the most advanced materials in the 21 st century. Photocatalytic technologies contain a wide-range and daily-life applications. Titanology Limited as the first local technological company aims for commercialising the photocatalytic technologies from the local university to markets, we also provide support for other market-oriented self-sanitising products. After receiving clients' requests or ideas, we are willing to provide the most suitable scheme for our clients.


After Sales Services
  • Installation Service: To install the door handle(s).

  • Annual Monitoring: To examine the coating antibacterial activity with a testing report.

  • Replacing Glass Handle: To replace the glass handle if the coating exhibit lower antibacterial activity.

  • Maintenance: To repair the damaged components of the Light System (including LED, Wires and Transformer).

Supporting Units



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