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Self-sanitising Door Handle

The self-sanitizing door handle generates reactive species photo-catalytically to inactivate bacteria on the surface, which means the TiO2 coating is never used up. Bactericidal effect could remain as long as the coating is activated by UV-light. Manpower spent on routine disinfection cleaning could be saved. Our approach is safer and more environmental friendly since no additional disinfecting reagent is required. People’s exposure to halogens and VOCs originating from those reagents could be minimized. Besides, the coating prepared by the patented method for mesoporous TiO2 thin film could be firmly attached to the handle. It remains stable upon wiping or washing with water, alcohol or even diluted bleach.

Furthermore, TiO2 coatings can be prepared in a cost-effective manner using a simple coating technique. The technical feasibility of our product has been supported by the previous success of photocatalytic materials. Photocatalysts based on TiO2 were being intensively studied over these 40 years and there are various types of commercially available products.

Glowing Door Handle Self-Sanitizes | Technophiles Newscast 087

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