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Titanology Limited

In 2015, two youngsters, WONG, Sum-Ming and LI, Kin-Pong invented a self-sanitizing-door-handle with photocatalytic coating and backlight technologies. Their impactful inventions with Self-sanitising-Door-Handle has garnered accolades like the Grand Award for Second Place in Materials Science at the 66th Intel ISEF, Gold-Award at the 44th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva and The Most Outstanding Exhibit at the YALE SCIENCE & ENGINEERING ASSOCIATION, INC.


Apart from competitions, we will participate in different exhibitions, trade show presentation events and product demonstrations to gain more exposure and attention from investors and the tech community. We believe that these manners are beneficial to our company for building up a partnership with industry associations. This innovation has successfully drawn attention from companies and investors worldwide, including USA, China, Germany, UK, Switzerland, Korea, India and Hong Kong.


Titanology Limited was found by the pair in 2017 with the mission of bringing nano and photocatalytic technologies to a wide range of daily-life applications and striving for a higher standard of living. Titanology Limited was subsidized by two government funding, including NewGen I&ESS with funding of HK$450,000 and CUHK TSSSU 2018/19 with funding of HK$500,000. After that, Titanology Limited has been become a member of HKSTP Incubation-Programme.

In 2018, Titanology Limited became Tech Trend Winner in the category of Next Generation Technology in the Elevator Pitch Competition (EPiC). Recently, Self-cleaning Door Handle took the TOP NATIONAL PRIZE IN JAMES DYSON AWARD 2019.


Titanology Limited was established to commercialize photocatalytic technologies for daily-life applications.

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